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“always shooting two at low eight”


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Georgia 2014 Krieghoff All American Team Members

Open First Team

Michael E. Schmidt, Jr.

Todd Bender

 Open Second Team

Allen McCannon

 Sub Junior First Team

Houston Deshotels

Junior Honorable Mention Team

Rhett King

Brad Hodges

Collegiate Second Team

Jeremy Jackson

Collegiate Honorable Mention Team

Hughston Hodges

Senior Honorable Mention Team

Bill Wilson

International First Team

Vincent Hancock

No one can say Georgia wasn't well represented at the 2013 World Championships.  

HOA podium:

Mike Schmidt 2013 HOA World Champion  449

Todd Bender 2013 HOA World Runner Up  449

Allen McCannon 2013 HOA World 3rd  449

2014 GSSA
Houston Deshotels